Cat and Dog Vaccinations in Adrian, Mi

Cat and Dog Vaccinations in Adrian, MI

If you want to reduce your pet’s exposure to viruses and minimize the spread of disease, they’ll need to be vaccinated regularly. At Kelly Veterinary Clinic in Adrian, we recommend various cat and dog vaccines based on risk, lifestyle, age, and other factors. We believe that every pet deserves a customized vaccination plan that affords them the most protection with the lowest risk of side effects. Vaccinating your dog or cat also contributes to the overall health and safety of their community, which benefits humans and animals alike.

Lower your pet’s vulnerability to disease by having them vaccinated!

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Will My Pet have Any Side Effects?

Dogs and cats can experience side effects after being vaccinated, but this isn’t common. Puppies and kittens may become a little drowsy after they get their first shots, and occasionally might develop minor swelling and soreness around the injection site. Allergic reactions to vaccines are even more rare, but we still do all we can to prevent them. Facial swelling is the most noticeable sign of a reaction and should be addressed immediately.

Which Vaccines are Required for Dogs and Cats?

Dogs and cats in Michigan are required by law to have their rabies vaccinations. Rabies is a highly contagious viral disease that is virtually always fatal in pets, and highly lethal among humans. Dogs and cats also need to have their DHPP and FVRCP vaccines, respectively.
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Vaccines We Recommend based on Lifestyle

In addition to the vaccines we require for dogs and cats, we also offer lifestyle/risk-based vaccines for the pets that need them. These vaccines give pets protection against illnesses such as kennel cough, Lyme disease, feline leukemia, and canine influenza. We can help you decide whether your pet will need any of our risk-based vaccines during the course of their life.

How Frequently Should My Pet be Vaccinated?

All pets should be vaccinated on a schedule to maintain their protection. The standard schedule for puppies and kittens includes:

Vaccinations for Puppies

  • 1st DHPP booster – 6-8 weeks of age
  • 2nd DHPP booster – 10-12 weeks of age
  • 3rd DHPP booster – 14-16 weeks of age
  • 4th DHPP booster – 18-20 weeks of age
  • Rabies shot – 12-16 weeks of age

Vaccinations for Kittens

  • 1st FVRCP booster – 4-6 weeks of age
  • 2nd FVRCP booster – 7-9 weeks of age
  • 3rd FVRCP booster – 10-12 weeks of age
  • Rabies shot – 12-16 weeks of age